Read to Me, Dad: Good Night Cape Cod

Good Night Cape Cod is a take on the ever popular and ubiquitous Good Night Moon. We read Good Night Moon to Eva well before she was born. It was quick and she would kick when she heard me reading it. We have about 3 copies of it and take it everywhere. However we don’t read it to her that much anymore. We read her a nightly book called Time for Bed and I’ll talk about that one some other time.

Good Night Cape Cod is a book that starts with good morning and goes throughout the hole day on the Cape. There are many locations on the cape that are seen in this colorful little book. It is a board book so it is great for chewing. Eva enjoys that. It is also very colorful which many solid colors so there is a lot of contrast, images are fun and cartoony too. I imagine that as Eva gets older and can recognize the places that are mentioned in the book that she will really enjoy it much more.

Apparently there is a whole series of Good Night Books called the Good Night Our World series.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – A cute little story of a day on Cape Cod similar to Good Night Moon.
  • Re-Read-ability – Excellent, we will read this to Eva as she learns more about the Cape so then she will be able to recognize the places in the book.
  • Illustrations – Good -The book is bright with many solid colors with high contrast. Recognizable Cape Cod landmarks are also very good.
  • Message – No message, pretty much a nice little book of places on the cape.
  • Plot – From morning to night on the Cape.
  • Characters – No characters but rather places on the Cape.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva did like to chew the book a little but overall I think this is a book she will enjoy as she grows older.
  • Recommended Ages – Baby-PreSchool

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