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I often receive books for free from Disney Publishing to read and review. The opinions expressed are my own.

This is an adorable story and perfect for any child who has just moved to a new house or into a big boy or big girl bed of their very own. The story is of Brody, a young boy who is in a new home in a new big bed. However, he is not finding it easy to get to sleep and so he and his stuffed dragon, Horst, go on an adventure in search of The Perfect Pillow only to end up back in their new house and new bed. It is a good book to read to a child who is making that transition from something familiar to something new and possibly strange and scary. It takes Brody and Horst a while to get acclimated to their new normal.

I love the character of Horst. I personally am a huge fan of dragons, especially friendly ones. While Horst never actually says anything the illustrations bring our a personality there of a friend who has been with Brody through everything. Every skinned knee, scary moment and joy that Brody has had he has shared with Horst.

When Eva was young I bought her a stuffed dragon. She never quite took to it but then again she’s got a ton of stuffed animals. So, the dragon went to Andrew and again the same thing. This was not a stuffed animal that would become his confidante. There are just too many in the house. When I was a boy I had a teddy bear that I took with me all over. He’s battered and worn as a Teddy with a lot of life experience should be. The book did tap into that emotion of having that security to help you through something new.

The Perfect Pillow is a good read with beautiful illustrations and a nice story. It is also available today and you can purchase it through my link below. And there is also the official book release for more information.

The Perfect Pillow Cover Art
The Perfect Pillow
Written by Eric Pinder and illustrated by Chris Sheban

THE PERFECT PILLOW (Disney-Hyperion | On Sale February 6, 2018) written by Eric Pinder and illustrated by Chris Sheban is the adorably funny story of Brody and his stuffed dragon, Horst, setting out on an adventure to find the perfect place to rest for the night. Pinder’s playful read-aloud quality paired with Sheban’s stunning blue-hued nighttime scenery will have young readers cuddling with their favorite stuffed animals as parents read them to sleep.

In his strange new room on his big new bed, Brody tosses and turns, holding his stuffed dragon named Horst. His parents can’t help him fall asleep, so he has no choice to go out and search for a better bed. Is it a squirrel’s nest? A cloud? A rowboat on a pond? No, the moon is too bright, and the croaking frogs are too loud, so there’s nothing for it but to go back home and jump into his big new bed, where a friendly dragon makes a perfect pillow.

The rich dream-like quality of Sheban’s nighttime paintings will make THE PERFECT PILLOW an instant bedtime favorite!

ERIC PINDER is the author of If All the Animals Came Inside and How to Share with a Bear, and other books for children, and he also has written several books about mountains and weather for adults. Eric teaches creative writing at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and often visits schools and libraries to share stories about the writing life, books, and animals. He holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Visit him online at or on Twitter @EricPinder.

CHRIS SHEBAN has illustrated numerous children’s books, most recently What to Do with a Box by Jane Yolen, Job Wanted by Teresa Bateman, and Immortal Max by Lutricia Clifton. He’s been awarded three Gold and three Silver medals from the Society of Illustrators in New York. Chris attended Kent State University in Ohio and now lives and works in Chicago. Learn more about him at

Written by Eric Pinder | Illustrated by Chris Sheban
On Sale: February 6, 2018
Disney-Hyperion | $16.99 US | $17.99 CAN
Hardcover ISBN: 9781484746462 | Ages 3-5 | 32 pages

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