Photo-A-Day #3058

I was playing with Andrew today and we were playing with the matchbox and hot wheels cars that we have around the house plus the Dino Construction Company toys that we have in the play area. I discovered that a shorter Hot Wheels car fits inside the mouth of the dino called BOOM. Wrecker can hold at least two and probably many more than that, however my son kept putting his hand in Wrecker’s mouth and I was unable to accurately check. We had a bunch of fun making BOOM eat the cars. He really does enjoy these toys and I’m glad they are so well made that they are going to last as he grows up.

We spent more time playing Disney Infinity of course. Eva has become very adept at creating worlds and I think I’ve discovered an idea for a game to create. Once I’ve created it I’ll have to make a post about it. We did receive a shipment of items that I had ordered from Toys R Us, though. This included four packages of power discs with Mike Wazowski’s Car and two more figures. Here is a video I made of me unwrapping the power discs.

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