Boston Parent Bloggers PS Vita Preview Event

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Today Eva and I went into Cambridge for a PlayStation Vita preview event. The PlayStation Vita comes out all over the place on Wednesday. This is a pretty amazing little device and it was fun to get to play with it. I tried out a bunch of games and learned about some fun features.

Plenty of Vitas

There were a few things that I didn’t really like about the device. The volume was not that loud, maybe it was the location but I think the device could have been louder. The device has a touchscreen on the front and on the back. I played one game called little deviants that requires the user to touch the front and back of the device in a sort of a pinch and then pull to slingshot a character around a boxing ring. I had a hard time with that. It worked much of the time but not consistently.

Decorations in the Vita Social Lounge

What I really liked about the device was the brilliant display. The physical controls were very responsive and one of the games that I played, Mod Racers was a lot of fun. It was a kart racing game with great stunts and awesome graphics. I didn’t play any of the more adult games and would like to check them out too like Uncharted.

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