Dina Riccobono of Market Leverage sent me information on a Charity Bowl-A-thon that ML is doing on Tuesday March 31st.


Market Leverage is sponsoring this Charity Bowl-A-Thon for the family of one of their publishers. Brisan and Parker Stults are the two eldest sons of Mike and Jennifer Stults. Brisan and Parker were recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease called “Niemann Pick Type C Disease (NPC)” or also known as the”Childhood Alzheimer’s”. The outcome…Fatal.

As a father I am terrified about childhood diseases and anything that could hurt our little Eva. My heart goes out to the Stults family and if we lived in the Orlando Area I’d certainly be there bowling with the gang from Market Leverage. However I can still help even though we are far away. You can help as well. There are many ways to sponsor bowlers, lanes, t-shirts, you name it sponsorship opportunities abound. One of my blogger friends Tim Jones is going to be participating. I intend to sponsor his bowling for the night at 10 cents a pin. Let’s hope he bowls a perfect game. There are many other ways to sponsor the event. Take a look and help however you can, no donation is too small.

I can’t be at the event but I can be bowling that night, Wii Bowling. Would anyone like to sponsor me at $0.10 a pin as I play 2 games of Wii bowling? You can make the donation directly to the Stults family on their blog through paypal or you can donate via a check. I’ll bowl two games, video it and let you know my final pin count. Then you can make the donation to the fund. I’ll be Wii Bowling March 29, 2008, I’ll post the final pin count and video after the game and you can make a donation based on the pin count. How does that sound?

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5 Responses to “Bowling for a Good Cause”

  1. MLDina says:

    I am so excited for this event. The support we’ve received so far, still a month away from the event, has been absolutely amazing. We’re thrilled to be working with great people to support the Stults family- especially you, Allison, and Eva!

  2. Drew says:

    It is for a good cause. This is something that affects the lives not only of the children but everyone the family touches. I am impressed with the giving that Market Leverage does. It is incredible. I may get some other bowlers at my place that night or even set up a Wii game across the blogosphere.

  3. […] Bowling for a cause – There’s all sorts of cause-related events these days, and Ben Spark wants you to know about a fun bowling one. […]

  4. […] The video is also an explanation as to why I was not doing Wii bowling tonight. Was anyone, other than Dina from Market Leverage TV, aware that tonight I was going to do two games of Wii bowling to raise money for the Niemann Pick Disease Type C? […]

  5. […] Video is one of my favorite ways to help a charity and I did a pretty interesting little one back in the spring. I was helping Market Leverage raise money for the Nieman Pick Type C Foundation through a Virtual Bowl-A-Thon. I used Stickam and also made a video of my bowling night endeavors. Plus I sponsored the actual bowlers at the ML Bowl-A-Thon. […]

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