Box Seats…

Last night Erin and Bart took Allison and I out to dinner at Box Seats. If you haven’t been to Box Seats then you are missing out on a treat. This place is packed with sports memorabilia, good food and plenty of it. You start out with complimentary soup and bread. The soup flavor changes daily and I’ve rarely been back to have the same soup again, so it constantly changes. Then they have a 2-4-1-Tuesday event where 13 items on the menu can be purchased at $13.99 for two, this includes soup and bread, salad, and dessert. You can’t beat it.

After dinner Allison made biscuits and fresh strawberries and blueberries, with whipped cream. A very tasty dessert.

Thanks Erin and Bart for such a great evening filled with laughter and interesting stories. We had a great time.

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