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I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and the radio host said that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. It didn’t hit me yesterday but for some reason it really hit me today. Do you ever have those days when you can’t get motivated and when everyone you see around you is moving forward, doing great things and you feel like you are standing still? That is how I felt today.

Right before I leave for the day I usually hit the bathroom. TMI I know, but here’s the point… the best view I get each day is out the window of the bathroom. I see some of the more exciting views of the sky. Today I saw not only great clouds and colors but also a rainbow. That made me feel like there was a little ray of light, my ray of hope. I also realized that heading home after a day of work and looking forward to seeing my girls is my real ray of hope. I know that I’m working to give them a better life and that I can’t give up on that dream. So for now I tough it out, suck it up, stop whining… call it what you will.

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6 Responses to “Brightest Ray of Light in my Day”

  1. stephen says:

    Why was yesterday the most depressing day of the year? I had a pretty good day. I hung out with my A got to talk a walk it even snowed for a few mins. I don’t understand why was it such a depressing day. Really to be the most depressing day of the year there has got to be something you can point to. Is it a global declaration or is it just a locally the most depressing day. I am so confused by such a broad shocking statement.

    • Drew says:

      Ask the radio host. WROR.

      • stephen says:

        I was hoping you would have some insight. I will follow up with WROR do you know which Radio host?

        • Drew says:


          It was the Loren and Wally Show. Go harass, I mean question them.

          • stephen says:

            I will get on that for you.

            FYI the quote below is a little depressing. You actually have a pretty decent life. Look for the positives. You don’t live in Haiti. You have a decent job, a wonderful family. Sometimes we all have trouble seeing the forest through the trees but you my friend are probably in the top 10% in terms of standard of living globally.

            Take a few mins feel bad for yourself but when you are done count you blessings and smile and move on.

            You are a good person and do great things for you family.

            “I know that I’m working to give them a better life and that I can’t give up on that dream. So for now I tough it out, suck it up, stop whining”

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