Last night was the Buffettless Buffett Party at Besty’s. What a fun time. Of course I haven’t been out for a rip roaring fun time in a while and needless to say I put myself into a state where, as Sammy would say, “I’d need a helmet”.

It was a nice night and I made Margaritas….. for me. Let’s just say that I was pretty much the only person who got any margaritas last night, which I started drinking at 2:00pm. It was fun and everyone was great and I hope I didn’t totally offend anyone whom I may be working with in the near future. (Rick, sorry about the Garden State Shirt comments, being as you have not seen the movie nor the commercials and the fact that your shirt in no way looked like the shirt from the Garden State commercials it must have not made much sense to you nor would it have been as funny as I apparently thought it was last night.) Like I said, I was in need of a helmet.

Anyone got a Helmet for this nut.
Anyone got a Helmet for this nut.

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