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This morning I drove from Kalamazoo, MI to South Haven, MI. I had a demo at South Haven Community hospital. The demo went pretty well and again the words came back and things flowed real well.

After the demo I went with the sales team to a local restaurant called Dave’s Place. I was told that they had the 3rd best burger in South Haven. I’m not sure what the other places have for burgers but they must be amazing. I had the cowboy burger which was a delicious burger with sautéed onions, jalapeños, bacon and jack cheese. So good. We brought Evabear in with us too.

From 2010-03-04

The sales team was so happy to bring the bear in and get some photos. We even took a photo of Evabear with Kelly from Dave’s Place.

From 2010-03-04

Kelly did something at Dave’s Place to build some community around the place. Dave’s is one of those local hangout restaurants that have many repeat customers who have become friends. Kelly organized a bus trip for the patrons to one of the Casinos about an hour away. The guys brought their wives and people got to know each other more. The trip was such a success that they are running a second one with a much bigger bus. I thought that was such a cool idea.

I drove back to Kalamazoo and went over to the other building for the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. This building houses many World War II planes. I wanted to get a video for XShot with a great background and also get more Evabear photos.

From 2010-03-04

I was in and out of there and then off to downtown Kalamazoo. I went to Rave Motion Pictures to see Cop Out. It was a very fun buddy cop movie. I was laughing out loud quite a few times and so were the other people in the theater. I’m very sure that this is one that Dad would really like as well. So we’ll have to catch it when it comes to the Route One Cinema Pub.

Had a decent dinner over at BD’s Mongolian Grill. I enjoy picking out my food, and sauces and then having them made on a giant grille. It was decent. Not as good as Fire and Ice but decent. Got back to the hotel for an early night because I’ve got an early morning tomorrow with a 6:50am flight. It will be great to get home. I got the cutest message on the phone from Eva. She talks so well on the phone.

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  1. Loving the EvaBear photos

  2. Deborah says:

    Eva bear is getting around.
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