Bump that DROID

Bump, the instant way of exchanging information between two phones has been an app in the iPhone store for some time. DROID users now have the ability to put this app on their phones as well. Bump for Android phones is now out.

Everything I have read tells me that you can interspecies bump (DROID -> iPhone and vice versa) however I tried this with a guy at work and his iPhone and was unsuccessful. I will try this tonight with some people at the Boston Megatweetup and see if they are more savvy.

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2 thoughts on “Bump that DROID”

  1. Hi,
    I just tried this with two individuals today and both worked very well. The Droid even instantly linked up to their facebook account and pulled in their photos. No Idea why it didn’t work for you but maybe they fixed it since then. Now I can go to bars and use the pick up line “Want to Bump?”… Wait I’m married… Nevermind, still… Worked for me!

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