Burn Notice: Rough Seas

Watch the episode, read the review, caution there are spoilers in the review.

Rough Seas had one of Michael’s best covers ever. Seeing him playing the nerdy scientist guy was so much fun to watch. I loved the voice over part about being a subordinate person and the tough part is that sometimes you have to get dominated just as Michael gets tossed into a wall by the thugs.

In this episode we saw the return of Virgil, the episode with the tons of money in a boat. Virgil is back to ask for Michael’s help on behalf of his buddy’s daughter. Virgil is hoping to catch back up with Madeline. Michael agrees to help the daughter but nixes and chance that Virgil can meet up Madelina. The buddy’s daughter works for an organization that sends antibiotics to poor countries. Apparently they spend all their money buying the medications that they can’t ship the meds properly so they are sent by boat and then are hijacked by pirates. It is Michael’s task to retrieve these meds from the pirates. To do so he has to have them caught red handed.

At the same time as this is going on Michael is trying to find out about that sniper rifle from the previous episode. So he turns to his favorite ex-gunrunner, Fi. Fi knows a guy named Seymour who can help. Seymour is a spastic freak, he’s dangerous and unpredictable. Seymour pulls Michael into a gun buy that goes bad, then he calls him in again and also invites Michael to a party, all the while not giving Michael what he needs. Finally in the end he attacks Michael because when he asked around about the rifle he found out that all people connected to maintaining and modifying the rifle had been eliminated. Michael does get a name however, another piece of the puzzle.

The yogurt references were back this week and Michael’s fridge was used for the fake heist. No one told Michael of course and his reaction on the boat when he saw his fridge was priceless. The plan was to flush the pirates out, find where they stash their booty and get them arrested after the meds were securely in Michael’s hands. To do this we call upon Charles Finley. I like the Chuck Finley character because that means that Sam gets something to do in the episode. And more Bruce Campbell is never a bad thing.

Sam goes in as Finley to try and recruit the pirates to hijack some major league steroids (and yes major league was not an accidental description by me.) Sam gets in with the bad guys and brings in Michael’s character of the week as a scientist who would be able to movie the drugs properly. Michael is then “recruited” by the pirates and a new heist is staged.

Sam and Virgil make up some drugs and pack them so they look pretty dangerous. They find a place for Michael’s yogurt while they use his fridge in the heist. The pirates hit the boat and Michael “takes out” Virgil to keep him alive the pirates take the fake drugs and go to the warehouse to store them. The warehouse is big, like Indiana Jones big and the real meds are spread out all over the warehouse.

So now the team needs to flush out the real meds and they do so by convincing the pirates that Chuck Finley is some sort of Keyser Soze character and will kill the pirates, take their stash and disappear. This convinces the pirates to move the stuff. And in one of the more fun parts of the episode you see Michael reveal that he is not a nerdy weakling and that he in fact is the mastermind. Then he takes off with the meds and returns them tot he rightful owners.

Throughout the episode Madeline tries to connect with Virgil. However, “Virgil attracts bullets” so he was forbidden from seeing Madeline. However, after the heist Michael has a change of heart and lets Virgil and Madeline spend time together.

Overall this was a great episode. I loved the characters and the action was decent. And of course the return of the yogurt was worth it too.

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