Buzzing around…

My friend Andy is a big fan of remote control toys. He has had a couple of different ones including a remote control tank that actually fires pellets. He also has a few different Remote Control Helicopters around the house. He’s flown them into the trees and roofs of the houses in the neighborhood. He’s gotten much better though and I think he’s starting to get the hang of it. It may be time for him to step up to a big time remote control helicopter.

Hobby Warehouse,com is a site where you can order many different remote controlled products including helicopters, and for Andy, replacement parts. As far as an outdoor activity to do, remote control airplanes and helicopters are a great way to spend some time outside. I wonder if I can get one of the helicopters with a camera on it so I can take remote aerial shots. That would be very cool.

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2 thoughts on “Buzzing around…”

  1. That’s a cool site. My nephews birthday is coming up next month and it looks like that place has some great RC cars. He would demolish the helicopter in no time (he’s 3), but a car would be great. Thanks for the link.

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