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My Dad called this car the ultimate Transformer. He said that it transformed him back to 1969 when he drove his Pontiac GTO and various other muscle cars of the day. Dad spent a lot of time with Bumble Bee. Since I work on weekend nights the car didn’t do much on the weekends so I gave it to my Dad to drive all weekend long. He took it to the Cape and cruised it up and down the beach, around the Nobska lighthouse and many other places. His whole attitude changed while driving this car. Any stress he had was let go and he just simply enjoyed the ride.

I also gave Dad the car one last time on Wednesday and he drove it to the Cape and back. He and my Mom took the car with them out to dinner and it turned a bunch of heads. Each time he had the car he drove it top down till late, late at night. He just popped in his iPod into the USB dock and cruised to his usual motorcycle driving mixes.

as for me, I got to drive the car to Evelyn’s Drive In, over to Larry Joe’s New England Firepit and also to The Ice Cream Machine. Allison and Eva got to ride in it and we had a great time. I drove it myself on the highway and rocked out to some Rock Sugar. I even set of my phone/GPS holder with my Flip cam and videoed myself lip synching to a few songs as I barreled down the highway.

The car was freedom, it was power and it was fun. I know that we had a great time and it turned a number of heads. Eva was sad when we had to give it back. She misses her “Bumble Bee”. I miss it too.

While I did have it I dropped by the comic book shop to show my pal Randy the car and take this shot.

I want to thank Chevy for loaning me the car to drive for the week. It was a great ride, a fun ride and the car I’d buy had I the money.

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3 Responses to “Bye Bye Bumble Bee”

  1. DinaRiccs says:

    Just thought I’d say hi & see how the new place is. Loving the updates- looks like everyone got a kick out of Bumblebee!

  2. Orchid says:

    Yesterday I just watch the TF3, and the bumble bee appeared in the film really attracted my eyes. By the way, I’m a college student in China.

  3. Mel Lifshitz says:

    After watching the 3rd installment of Transformers, everyone goes gaga about Bumblebee.

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