Cairns of Cape Cod

Cairns of Cape Cod
Photo-A-Day #1613

This morning Dad and I got up early and took Taylor with us to Woods Hole. We first went to Nobska Light So I could try out my new photography toy. The Panamatic from Lenspen. You attach your camera to the device and the device to your tripod. It has click stops at every 30 degrees so that you can create seamless panoramic shots. I tried my first one from the truck bed but that didn’t work so I moved out a ways from the light house and was able to get a pretty nice 360 shot of the lighthouse, the water and the plant life. Here is how that one came out.

Nobska Lighthouse

Then we went down into Woods Hole and picked up some breakfast stuff from Pie in the Sky.

Pie In The Sky

While I was there I logged on to the free Internet, pulled up and bookmarked it and left it up for the next customer to see. Who knows maybe someone there might like my work and my Cape Cod Photos.

After Pie in the Sky we went up the street over to the MBL Marine Biological Laboratory buildings and into the inner Woods Hole Harbor. I set up my Tripod again and took a nice 360 of that harbor which also caught shots of the Woods Hole Science School (We attended as kids and Tara taught there last summer). Here is that Shot.

Woods Hole Inner Harbor

After that I walked up the street while Dad pulled the truck around. I went to MBL Beach and took a 180 shot of that area. Here is that one.

MBL Beach

Then we headed home and along Surf Drive Beach we stopped so I could take a photo of the Cairn that was set up along the Falmouth Road Race Route. I snapped this one too.

Cairns of Cape Cod (Angle 2)

We got home and had breakfast. Allison headed off Cape 1st and I followed with Eva. Having 2 cars after the long weekend stinks. Having them before the long weekend so we could get down on our own timetables wasn’t as bad.

Before we left Eva played on her tricycle from the Miners. They left a bunch of kids toys behind for Eva. Their grandchildren have grown out of the toys so the Miners cleared out some space in the house and garage. We inherited two tricycles and a bunch of tiny chairs and baby swings. Not sure what Eva will do with those. Eva played with Memere and Grandfather before she left for home.

Enjoying my Tricycle

I’m off to England tomorrow and I have to relearn how to get online and do my demonstration. Oh boy it is going to be a long night.

By The Way I did the panorama stitching in Photoshop Elements. There is an automatic function for it that works pretty well. I learned about it from this website. Here is how you buy the Panamatic from Lenspen.

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14 thoughts on “Cairns of Cape Cod”

  1. The panoramic photos are great. It does something odd to the ones with buildings though. Kind of brought out the edge in the middle one especially. The lighthouse is my favourite. Just needs a dragon flying by the horizon. 🙂

  2. Wow! I lived in MA and didn’t do the cool stuff I see in your pictures 🙂 Guess I’m gonna have to plan a visit… it’s been too long anyway!

  3. Laura,
    I used the defaults on photoshop so they may need some tweaking. I will check into that. A dragon would be cool. Want to draw one? I’d love to see it.

  4. Vanessa,
    You should come on back up. There is plenty of cool stuff to do. It is funny because I don’t consider it cool stuff but that is because I live here.

  5. I had to backtrack to see where you said you were going to England again! Woo hoo! I know it is hard to be away from your girls but I hope you enjoy your trip.

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