Camera Backpack

Last night I had dinner with our friends Autumn and Kenny. Kenny brought his new camera backpack. This thing was awesome. It had one large compartment for a laptop computer. Since I do so much digital stuff on a laptop this is a must for me. There was also a catch all compartment for he easy to grab stuff like my mini tripod and whatnot. But the best part is the padded, adjustable pocket for the camera and lenses and memory cards and spare batteries and all the things that I would need when taking the camera out on a photo shoot. I admit it I have backpack envy right now. I will have to save my pennies because even though the pack is on sale at Amazon it still is a bit expensive and I made all my huge purchases for the month with all the other stuff I got and ordered. But soon when I earn a bit more play money I will get myself a great pack like Kenny’s.

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