Canon Powershot SD line

Today on my way home from the airport I stopped into a couple of stores to see the differences between a few cameras that I had been looking into purchasing. The most helpful store was Best Buy. I talked with a guy there on the type of camera I was looking for. I want an optical viewfinder, at least 6MP, must use SD cards, And needs to be able to be charged by my iGo Juice. He directed me to the Canon SD line of cameras and specifically to the Canon SD800, The SD 800 is a pretty amazing little camera. It has optical image stabilization. I took a few pictures and found myself using the screen rather than the viewfinder. So I guess I really don’t need the viewfinder after all. I would take the picture and it would start out fuzzy and then become crystal clear in a second. The camera is pretty amazing. However I don’t know if iGo has a tip for this line as their website does not show the SD line on the list of iTips. I sent them a message to ask which one to get. If they do have the charging iTip I will be saving my pennies to pick up one of these. I also have to do some more research.

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