Can’t get enough… PAD #1047

Hanging out with my friend Ryan while Allison and Ryan’s wife, Amy have a handbag party. We hung out in the other room watching the movie Crank and then playing Guitar Hero 3 on the XBox. Ryan has unlocked all the songs and also has Guitar Hero 2. It was really fun playing all those great songs.

Allison made out pretty well on her handbag too. That is good because it meant less money spent.

Out late tonight so a mobile post via Utterz. I did do a guest post on the IZEA blog as well as a post over on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo. There is even a video that I made for It was one of those that I think the idea was good but the execution could have been better.

So I am sending this from the car on our way home. I’m beat.

Only a few more days till we head to Florida for work, play and family time. Allison and Eva get a nice two week vacation. I get one week of work and one week of ‘hopefully’ rest relaxation and a chance at some photography time. Also a top secret visit…

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  1. ahhhh yea… guitar hero is where its at! i have the latest one and enjoy competing with my friends on that 1 dragonforce song on expert mode. 7 mins of hand pain- definitely worth it 😀

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