Can’t Stop the ‘Boosted’ Signal

I have stuck by the notion that I am smart enough to program a VCR so why would I need a DVR. There have been many incidents with the VCR.

1. Taped the wrong channel. (I swear Channel 4 was NBC, back in 1985)
2. Taped over a saved program. (Who labels the tape)
3. Power went out and reset the channels. (Autoprogram had to be run again)
4. Forgot to set the VCR. (Did you set the VCR, No, Did You?)
5. VCR tape was full (What do you mean one tape won’t last 2 weeks)

Waiting a MomentSo it was decided that we would get a DVR cable box. This way we could see all the stations that we like in HD plus we could have a DVR to automatically record every episode of shows that we want to see. The VCR becomes a backup when we are overloaded with TV shows on the same night (i.e. Monday)

You may have noticed that I’ve been having some trouble with our cable signal for the past week or so. I tried all sorts of things, I even called ComCast to schedule an appointment to look at the line. But I promptly canceled that service call because searched for and found an inexpensive way to fix the problem. The problem was the signal. The signal was way to weak to power all the TV’s, HD, Wi-Fi and Digital feeds. So the signal needed to be boosted. I searched for Signal Booster and I found the Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster. The product is $35, a steal for the signal boost it gave us.

Every TV in the house looks better and the response time changing channels has also improved dramatically. For example the Sci-Fi Channel was practically snow on our bedroom TV. Now it is very clear and actually watchable. In the living room, where we installed the DVR, we finally have HD and it is awesome.

The worst part is that now I want a larger TV. Doh!

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