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Photo-A-Day #2784

Today we took Andrew to Salt Marsh Pottery to get Andrew’s hands and feet done. We were there 4 years ago for Eva when we got her hands and feet done. Allison’s friend Peg got us this gift in both cases. Such a wonderful keepsake. Andrew was having so much fun and laughing and smiling as he put his hands in the clay.

Andrew is just one day away from being one year old. What a year it has been. I am so glad that I’ve taken a photo every single day of Andrew’s first year. Being able to look back on how he’s changed and grown so much is wonderful to be able to do. Here is one more of those great photos to hang on to.

Andrew Loving the Clay.

After Salt Marsh Pottery we went for lunch at Red Robin. Andrew and Eva had a great time. They even did the Christmas song for Andrew. He was a bit confused and it was too bad that he couldn’t enjoy it at all. No milk for him.

We made it to the Cape and the kids got to spend time with my parents and sisters. She had everyone playing telephone at dinner and then assigning us each a fairy talent.

Sunset in Falmouth

The nice thing about this time of year on the Cape is that the sun sets right off our beach and I was able to snap the photo above.

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