Cast Your Shadow

Photo-A-Day #1701

I’m probably mixing metaphors here because I think the saying is don’t cast a shadow, shine a light. But as I was walking along with Eva tonight, bringing her home from the Yarn It All Christmas Party, Eva was excited about her shadow and I began to think about how our shadows looked. At one point I was looking down and she was looking up and I thought it would be a great picture, unfortunately it is hard to get that look and take the picture with a daughter who is exhausted, wants momma and also wants to get to bed.

Back to the shadow idea. I was thinking about how a shadow is always with you and how you can’t escape your shadow even if you jump up or stand on one foot, sure it looks like the shadow is no longer attached, but when you come back down it is still with you. It might be common sense but you are who you are wherever you go. You are always with you. You can try and jump away from it for a while and be someone different but when you come back down there you are, just like your shadow.

Think about it for a while. Wherever you cast your shadow, whatever you touch, you are who you are; so be the best person that you can. I think about that more and more now that I’m a Dad and I see that what I say and what I do influences Eva. Seeing us walking together casting shadows on the ground makes me think about what lies ahead as Eva gets older and our shadows become closer to the same size. As her shadow grows with her so will the influence I will have had on her life.

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