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Molding Young Minds

Molding Young Minds
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00030

Today I went to the kids’ school for their Career Day. I was asked to speak for a few minutes about working in Social Media. I was excited to be there and t be a part of the day. There were about 12 people on the panel and the range of the jobs was huge. I was fascinated learning about the jobs that other parents had. There was a professional cameraman, an OT, a Critical Care Nurse, a voice over artist, an scout for the Patriots, a Secret Serviceman, a property manager, and executives from Hasbro and Toyota. There was so much to learn and the students listened intently and asked great questions of the panel at the end of the session.

I talked about the being a part of Built from Bricks show and even brought in the LEGO Movie 2 water bottles. I brought in stickers and the business cards for the show. A few kids took them with them at the end of the session. One student even went to our YouTube channel and left a very nice comment. It was a very nice morning and I enjoyed being a part of the whole session.

The Kid Who Would Be King Experiential Press Day

Eva's First Press Day The Kid Who Would Be King
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Eva and I were invited to New York City to participate in an experiential press event around the movie The Kid Who Would Be King. This movie is a modern take on the King Arthur legend. 20th Century Fox provided us with travel arrangements and a hotel plus meals for the event. We were up very early this morning and ready to take on the day. Eva and I got dressed and went down to breakfast. We were early because the hotel restaurant hadn’t even opened. We only had to wait a couple of minutes and then we were the only people there for most of the meal. Eva continued to look over her questions for the cast and we had a carbo load breakfast of pancakes and french toast plus bacon of course. Then back up to the room to finish getting ready and packing to go home. Eva wanted to make another livestream.

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