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We’ve Got The The Party House – The Super Mario Party (House)

Trike Harder with Super Mario Party

The party house, you know the one, the place where all the kids want to hang out. I would love to be that house, have a great big family room and invite a bunch of kids over to play all sorts of fun party games. Well, we do not have that yet. What we do have is a copy of the latest in the line of Mario Party games. We were given a copy of Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. We were also given two brand new Radio Flyer tricycles, but more on that later.

There are so many minigames in Super Mario Party that you cannot possibly play all of them in a single session. I like this because that means that each time you play you have an almost guaranteed chance to play something new. There are over 80 new minigames in this one game. Not only that but there are many modes for play. In addition to everyone playing on one system with four joycons you can pair up two systems and play that way. Double the play screens. But that is not all, you can now use Nintendo Switch Online service to play super Mario Party online. So, I guess we really do not need to have that giant party house, we can bring the party anywhere that we go!

Andrew and I did a livestream of the game the other day and had a great time. You can see many of the different minigames in this video.

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Saint Andrew on All Saint’s Day

Saint Andrew

Each year the first grade at the kids’ school puts on a performance at Mass as several saints. Andrew was Saint Andrew, the First-Called and he nailed his lines like a pro. He spoke loud and clear and with confidence. I am so proud.

I am glad that Andrew went with Saint Andrew because I have always been proud that my name is associated with the FIRST apostle. I always thought of Saint Andrew as this cool older brother who heard the latest rock album and introduced it to his younger brother and that younger brother became a super-fan and prodigy around that music.

But Peter got his start from Andrew who introduced him to Jesus. Let’s face it, Jesus was rock and roll for his time. He was bigger than the Beatles. Continue reading Saint Andrew on All Saint’s Day