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Review: Create More With Queal, a Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacement Option

Queal on the Beach

A while back I started trying out some meal replacement shakes or nutritionally complete meal shakes. I had posted about them and was approached by another company called Queal. Queal wanted to know how the other company’s meal shakes were working for me and if I would try theirs to see what I thought. So, I agreed and Queal sent me a care package of a bunch of their flavors and some new shakers.

Right off the bat I found the taste of Queal more appealing than what I had been drinking. I also liked that the flavors came already mixed into the meals themselves. Each ouch that arrived is enough for 3 complete meals of 700 cal each. What I liked was that each of these meals was only 8.3 g of sugar with 49.2 g of protein and 14.4 g of fiber. I often used less Queal in each shake. I did not see a difference in taste or how full I felt. I was able to get 4 or 5 meals out of one pouch. Continue reading Review: Create More With Queal, a Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacement Option

Company Picnic 2018

Eva riding Steel

Today was the annual company picnic. Can you believe that I have been to sixteen of these things. Next month I hit my 17th year and I’ve attended one since I started. Now with the kids getting older they can do so many more things themselves and they are still big fans of attending. Each year we have a few of our favorite things to do. Fried Dough for breakfast and clam chowder right after that. The kids love riding the horses and going through the funhouse maze. I enjoy eating plenty of lobster and Allison enjoys that I crack all the lobsters and prepare them for her. The kids love getting the stuffed animal each year and this year it was a manatee. Below are some photos from our best moments today.

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