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Blogger Family Night at Launch Trampoline Park Rhode Island & GIVEAWAY

Eva and Andrew at Launch
Photo-A-Day #4730

Our trip to Launch Trampoline Park was sponsored. Our family received 1.5hr jump time, Laser tag game, Food discount coupon, & Jump Socks. We also received 2 passes to give away and a discount code to share with our readers. Opinions are our own

I personally have never been to a Launch Trampoline Park. Andrew and Allison have gone before and they enjoyed it. Andrew loves to run around and jump and have fun. I was very excited about this night because it isn’t often that we can do things as a whole family. Often it is just for me to attend a blogger event. I am very happy that my friend Nicky from Playing All the Way set this up and made it so that the whole family could go. There were a bunch of other bloggers and their kids there as well so there were lots of kids for Andrew and Eva to play with. Continue reading Blogger Family Night at Launch Trampoline Park Rhode Island & GIVEAWAY

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Allison’s Super Secret Birthday Surprise

Ellis Paul Chasing Beauty
Photo-A-Day #4684

This year was one of the big ones as far as birthdays go. Allison was the one who had the big one this time around. I knew I had to do something special. I didn’t go for the big party or anything like that. Instead I set up a special night that I knew she would love.

I booked tickets for us to see Allison’s favorite singer-songwriter, Ellis Paul. We’ve been going to Ellis Paul concerts about as along as we have been together. His song, words was our wedding song and his children’s books came out the same year that we had Eva and then Andrew. Eva’s first concert was an Ellison Paul concert seven years ago at a Wareham Barnes & Noble.

When we were younger we would go to folk concerts all the time. Ellis was always a favorite. I saw that he was going to be in New Hampshire in February so I hatched a plan. I completely made a mistake about the venue I thought it was a venue that we had been to before, but more about that later. So, seeing as Ellis was going to be in New Hampshire I contacted Allison’s best friend, Michele and asked if she and her husband wanted to go to the concert with us. They were available and so the surprise’s awesomeness tripled.

Cut to tonight.

I picked Allison up after school and punched the venue into my Google Maps. It was then that I realized the venue was not the same one we had gone to back in October of 2005. that was the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, NH which used to be at the same exit that we would have taken to go visit Michele. Instead we were going to the Flying Goose in New London, NH. There is a big difference between the two places, namely an additional hour drive. I panicked slightly because I had figured on us getting up to the venue in about 2 hours even with traffic. And had we been going to Tupelo (where it was in 2005) we would have been there in those 2 hours. We actually stopped at that exit to grab Allison a Tea before getting back on the road for another 45 minutes north. I’m glad that I decided to punch the venue into the GPS program or else I would have gone to a building that no longer housed Tupelo (it moved to Derry, NH). Continue reading Allison’s Super Secret Birthday Surprise

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Party Like 1818

Our Old Man
Photo-A-Day #4646

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve today. I had the night off from work so I could be home to celebrate. Allison told me that our good friends, the Prestons had invited us over for a some drinks and appetizers. Allison made the Fried Pickle Egg Rolls for an appetizer and they were spectacular! We found the recipe online and I was going to make them but I ended up sleeping the entire day away because of work the night before. They are pickles that have had the middles scooped out and then filled with cream cheese, shredded cheese and bacon! So good!

Our time with the PRestons was wonderful. They are always such gracious hosts and we have a lot of fun with them. The kids adore their girls and this time there were even more kids to play with. Another couple was there with their 4 kids. So, all 8 of the children played together. Sure, there were some events but for the most part everyone got along really well. They even played together on some instruments and had a little music jam along with Aaron on his guitar. It was a great way to welcome in the New Year.

Andrew chose his outfit. Then I saw the wood stove and I had to get him to pose there. He looks like he’s about to work at his dad’s general store.

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Good Friends at Unlikely Story

Good Friends at Unlikely Story
Photo-A-Day #4609

This morning we met up with Allison’s best friend from college and her family. We went to the Purple Rooster for breakfast. This is a great restaurant and they were able to accommodate the nine of us plus have games and things for the kids to play. They have Jenga and dominoes and so many other games. The kids had all of them out at once to play. They got a little loud but very good-natured. The kids did enjoy spending time with each other. The food was delicious, too. They have fantastic food there.

After breakfast we went across the street to The Unlikely Story. This is a local bookstore that is owned by Jeff Kinney, author of the Wimpy Kids books. This is one of the nicest stores I have been in before. Both kids had their birthday money burning holes in their pockets. Eva went looking for a book that had suggestions of things to draw. Andrew wanted a hangman game book. I guess you scratch off the letters to play the game. We steered him closer to a book about drawing. He got that and another one like Eva’s but for younger kids. We spent some time also looking for books to donate to Christmas is for Kids. Andrew helped me pick out some Pete the Cat books. It was a nice morning that we all enjoyed.

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Andrew’s 6th Birthday Party – Karate Party

Andrews Karate Birthday
Photo-A-Day #4602

Andrew’s 6th birthday party was today. We went back to America’s Best Defense again because we had so much fun last year. Sensei and his team do an amazing job with the kids. There were about 20 kids at the party and they had a good time. There were two of the kids who didn’t want to do much participation but they ended up participating at the end of the party. They even broke boards. Board breaking was a big hit with all the kids. It always is. Eva even broke two boards at the same time. She did an excellent job of it, too. I love watching her participate in karate. Each time she does she shows such grace and confidence.

Andrew had a great time at the party. He was running all over the place with a huge smile on his face. When his friends began arriving he was very welcoming to everyone. They were excited to see him, too. The program that they run at the karate studio is excellent. They go over the many tenets of Karate with the kids and even get them learning how to do blocks and kicks and more. Each exercise was more to talk to the kids about respect and the kids responded to it very well.

The kids had pizza and then back to the floor to have more fun. When it was time to cut the cake the lights went out and the candles were lit. When the lights came back up sensei had the sword that they use to cut the cake. Andrew opted for the slow and dramatic cut again and it delighted all the kids. It was a nice party and many of the kids’ parents looked into taking advantage of classes for their kids.

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