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Built from Bricks and Brick Island 2.0

Built from Bricks 2.0
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00010

For the past two years I have been working with my buddy Briant from Built from Bricks on a LEGO themed YouTube channel called Built from Bricks. We have done a show almost weekly. We’ve done all sorts of things in that time and now we are embarking on a new adventure. Brian has built a table for this LEGO city, Brick Island and we are going to begin filming a series of Brick Island 2.0 videos. In these videos we will take about all aspects of building and maintaining a LEGO city. We’ve begun already and I hope that people will follow us for the coming year. We want to get to 5000 subscribers by 2020. I think that is a doable goal since we have such an interesting and high quality show.

The Built from Brick’s Goal is very much like my Photo A Day Goal. But it will take 15 years for me to reach mine of 5000 consecutive photos. That’s how time works. I hope that it does not take that long for us to attract 5,000 subscribers.

Blogger Family Night at Launch Trampoline Park Rhode Island & GIVEAWAY

Eva and Andrew at Launch
Photo-A-Day #4730

Our trip to Launch Trampoline Park was sponsored. Our family received 1.5hr jump time, Laser tag game, Food discount coupon, & Jump Socks. We also received 2 passes to give away and a discount code to share with our readers. Opinions are our own

I personally have never been to a Launch Trampoline Park. Andrew and Allison have gone before and they enjoyed it. Andrew loves to run around and jump and have fun. I was very excited about this night because it isn’t often that we can do things as a whole family. Often it is just for me to attend a blogger event. I am very happy that my friend Nicky from Playing All the Way set this up and made it so that the whole family could go. There were a bunch of other bloggers and their kids there as well so there were lots of kids for Andrew and Eva to play with. Continue reading Blogger Family Night at Launch Trampoline Park Rhode Island & GIVEAWAY