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What is an Ozark Mountain Christmas?

I love Branson

I spent last week in Branson, Missouri. I had never been there before, although my very first hospital install was in Bolivar, Missouri a little town about an hour North of Branson. Had I realized just how close that was I probably would have tried to get down to see a show during one of my trips to Bolivar. The thing that I remembered most about Bolivar and Missouri in general was that the people were so friendly and welcoming. I would see this even more on my week in Branson. I was there for part of the Blogging Branson event where 15 bloggers and friends traveled to Branson to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel and visit many attractions, restaurants and shows in Branson. I paid my way to get to Branson and once I was there my meals, entertainment and lodging were compensated.

Branson Bloggers
Branson Bloggers Christmas Party (Photo Credit: Angie – Going Out the Door)

Before we started to explore what Branson had to offer we had a Christmas meal and White Elephant exchanged to get in the Christmas mood. We visited the home of Angie who would be our tour guide, mentor, mother duck and friend during this trip. Angie set everything up with the venues and the hotel. She opened her home to us for this evening where we broke bread, shared laughter and had a night of fun. We were encouraged to wear an ugly sweater for the event and so I picked up a Deadpool one to wear. I also brought my Santa shorts and realized it was much too cold to put them on buy themselves so as a joke I put them on over my jeans. Angie got a kick out of that. She got a shot of me in all my silliness. Continue reading What is an Ozark Mountain Christmas?

Rock and Roll All Night with the Rock Of Ages 10th Anniversary Tour!

At Rock of Ages with Allison

Last night Allison and I were guests of the Boch Center Wang Theater and the Rock of Ages 10th Anniversary Tour. We were invited for a pre-performance reception and then were given excellent seats for the show. Opinions about the show are 100% my own. That being said… I cannot wait to see the show again!!

This is the first time I have ever left a performance and was so pumped up to see it all over again. It was fantastic! I was a kid when all of these bands like Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister, and Whitesnake were at their peak. I never went to any of their concerts. Although my sister was a huge fan of Poison and she did go to some of their concerts. She even still has her jean jacket with all the Poison patches on it.

I enjoyed the performance so much. There were songs in the musical that are still some of my favorite songs of all time. I get pumped when I hear Poison’s “Fallen Angel”, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and so many more! I had seen the movie of the play and it is nothing compared to the live stage production. My favorite character in the play was Lonny (JOHN-MICHAEL BREEN), the puckish narrator of the play. He stole all the scenes with his antics which were so funny, nuanced and sometimes over the top. He was certainly a show stopper.

At the end of the play I was feeling like I had just been to the biggest rock concert of the 80’s and I loved it. There are still a few days left for the shows in Boston and then the tour will move on. I saw that it was coming back this way around my birthday and on the exact date, 10 years to the day of when the performance began the show will be right near me and I am thinking that for my 45th birthday I’m going to want to Rock and Roll all night once again.

All the information that you need to know about this 10th anniversary run is below. Continue reading Rock and Roll All Night with the Rock Of Ages 10th Anniversary Tour!