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Three Must See Shows on your Christmas Trip to Branson

Fiddle and Violin Players at Hughes Brother's Theatre

At the beginning of the month I took a very special trip to Branson, Missouri. While I was there I saw many shows and I wanted to tell you about three of them that I really enjoyed. These are three must see shows. They are The Hughes Brothers Christmas Show, Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers and the Clay Cooper’s Christmas Express,. Each was special in its own way and each had fantastic Christmas music. The spirit of the season was found within each show.

Children at Hughes Brother's Theatre

At the Hughes Brothers theater you can find a wonderful family show, the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show. When I say family I don’t just mean that it is family friendly. The entire show is a family affair. There are five Hughes Brothers Marty, Jason, Adam, Ryan and Andy. Along with the five brothers there are their wives and children who also work on the show. There are over 30 Hughes children who perform in the show. The kids not only perform in the show they run the merchandise and concession stands even at intermission. One minute the kids are singing and dancing on the stage, the next they hop off the stage and behind the counter. These children have such talent surrounding them and so much of their own talent, too.

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What is an Ozark Mountain Christmas?

I love Branson

I spent last week in Branson, Missouri. I had never been there before, although my very first hospital install was in Bolivar, Missouri a little town about an hour North of Branson. Had I realized just how close that was I probably would have tried to get down to see a show during one of my trips to Bolivar. The thing that I remembered most about Bolivar and Missouri in general was that the people were so friendly and welcoming. I would see this even more on my week in Branson. I was there for part of the Blogging Branson event where 15 bloggers and friends traveled to Branson to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel and visit many attractions, restaurants and shows in Branson. I paid my way to get to Branson and once I was there my meals, entertainment and lodging were compensated.

Branson Bloggers
Branson Bloggers Christmas Party (Photo Credit: Angie – Going Out the Door)

Before we started to explore what Branson had to offer we had a Christmas meal and White Elephant exchanged to get in the Christmas mood. We visited the home of Angie who would be our tour guide, mentor, mother duck and friend during this trip. Angie set everything up with the venues and the hotel. She opened her home to us for this evening where we broke bread, shared laughter and had a night of fun. We were encouraged to wear an ugly sweater for the event and so I picked up a Deadpool one to wear. I also brought my Santa shorts and realized it was much too cold to put them on buy themselves so as a joke I put them on over my jeans. Angie got a kick out of that. She got a shot of me in all my silliness. Continue reading What is an Ozark Mountain Christmas?