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DreamWorks Animation Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Season 5 on Netflix January 18, 2019

Trolls Season 5

A whole new season of DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is dropping on Netflix January 18. The kids love this series. We have a lot of fun watching the show together. We laugh through each of the episodes at the silly antics of these singing and dancing characters. The show is produced by Matthew Beans, the wonderful main cast of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! includes the voice of Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect, Wreck-It Ralph) as Branch, and Amanda Leighton (“This Is Us,” “The Fosters”) as Poppy.

This weekend the kids were so excited to introduce one of Allison’s friends to Trolls. Everyone had a fun time and that got the kids all hyped up for the season premiere this coming Friday. You can see the new trailer for season 5 below.

Official Trailer:

Poppy, Branch and all of Troll Village are back in all new hair-raising adventures in season 5 of DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On! This season Queen Poppy decides to create a new Bergen-free Troll anthem, Branch must overcome his fear of birds, Guy Diamond loses his glitter, and all of Troll Village comes together to celebrate the one day it snows with an epic Snow Day. Also, who is Mr. Glittercakes?! Join in on exciting new adventures as the adorable, happy Trolls party like never before in all new-episodes available exclusively on Netflix January 18.

In Days of Old

In Days of Old - Voltron
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00006

I’ve had my old toys on my brain lately. My friend Becky asked me if I was going to start making some videos of my old toys and I will, just not that soon. A few things have to happen before I go and get my old toys and bring them to my house. There is the matter about a place to store them. Right now, we don’t have any place to store them because we haven’t done the attic yet. The attic needs to be made ready for insulation. Adding many boxes of toys to the attic at this point will not help get the insulation job done any faster.

Once I do get my old toys back here I’m going to have to go through them and when I do there will be more videos made with them.