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Meeting Lexi

Photo-A-Day #3710

Today I took Andrew over to my parent’s house so that he could spend time with his cousins and also to meet Tara’s new puppy, Lexi. He had a wonderful morning. Playing with Dylan and Lexi in the back yard had him so excited. He got to feed her treats and help with lunch.

Lexi is so cute. She’s a mutt and has a sweet disposition. She ran after balls and picked up sticks. She kept the boys running around, too.

It was nice to spend time with the cousins. Andrew does enjoy his time with Dylan. The two of them play very well together. We brought over Andrew’s baseball and bat and they played together. Andrew got a few more hits today. He’s loving it when he connects with the ball.

I enjoyed spending time with the kids, too. I even have a really cute photo with them. Usually I’m taking all the photos so I don’t get many with me in them. This one is sweet. Only thing missing is having Eva in it as well.

With the kiddos

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Goodbye Oliver – Thanks for 13 Good Years

Photo-A-Day #3695

Today we said goodbye to our cat, Oliver. Oliver was the reason why we adopted him and his brother Duncan. Oliver looked very much like a cat that Allison’s parent’s had named Kip. Kip was just a kitten when he died in an accident (hit by a car). I loved Kip and I enjoyed spending time with him. I was upset by his passing and so when Allison found Oliver and Duncan while working in the cat room of Petsmart for the North Attleboro Animal Shelter. We had to adopt them together and for many years they brought us lots of joy.

Oliver has been losing weight ever since Duncan died in 2012. In the past six months he had been having bouts of diarrhea. This got worse and worse from once every couple weeks to multiple times a day. It was certainly time to say goodbye. He was clearly getting sicker with no hope of getting better. Continue reading Goodbye Oliver – Thanks for 13 Good Years

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Meet Winston, The Little Puppy with a Big Appetite and Huge Heart in “Feast” #BigHero6

Feast - An Animated Short Film

“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation for “Paperman”) and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

While we were an all expense paid Disney Press Tour a couple of months ago we, the group of bloggers on the trip, were lucky enough to see the new short film called “Feast”. This adorable short film will be shown before “Big Hero 6” which is out in theaters on November 7, 2014.

FEAST - Director Patrick Osborne
“BIG HERO 6” Pictured: FEAST Director Patrick Osborne. Photo by: Patrick Wymore. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

We were fortunate to get to interview the creator/director of “Feast”, Patrick Osborne. Feast came about through the Walt Disney animation Studio’s Spark program—which invites artists to explore their own unique ideas in a month-long project that is presented to the Studio team. Any employee can submit and idea for a short animated film. An idea is chosen and the film gets made. Patrick Osborne submitted an idea that was tied to a project that he did where he took made videos of his meals every day. He was then able to see trends in his meals and things happening in his life. Continue reading Meet Winston, The Little Puppy with a Big Appetite and Huge Heart in “Feast” #BigHero6

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Photo Hunt: Two – 08/18/07

Photo Hunters BlogRoll

This week I get to give all you cat lovers photos of my two favorite cats ever. Oliver and Duncan. They Rock! Dapper little kitties in their tuxedos. As different as can be.

Peas in a Pod
This was about the only time we ever saw them together in that thing, it was short lived. Oliver and Duncan were seated perfectly for this photo, it is one of my favorites.

Continue reading Photo Hunt: Two – 08/18/07

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Photo-A-Day #788 06/05/07

Don’t forget to enter BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest…, you have until June 16 to get in your entries. The first entry came in today. Check out. Soda-Club Contest at Lets have some more entries folks. A really great first prize for the winner.

Todays photo is of a baby squirrel in a nest in our backyard. My sister was in the back yard and she shouted up to me for binoculars, I guess there are some squirrels as well as a family of woodpeckers out in the big backyard tree. Both families have made homes in some of the places where branches have snapped off in big wind storms. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #788 06/05/07

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