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Building Ultra Katty and Warrior Lucy

Ultra Katty and Warrior Lucy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00045

Tonight viewers could spend part of their Valentine’s Day with Brian and Me as we did a Built from Bricks Livestream. Everything was going great. We were chatting with viewers, livestreaming a challenge and then the microphone stopped working. We were unable to get it started right away and had to actually switch to one of the mics on a webcam. Unfortunately that took about 10 minutes and we ended up losing the people who were viewing. I have made an edit to the video using YouTube that should cut out the dead air time. The speed build was really fun despite that setback.

We built the LEGO Movie 2 set, UltraKatty and Warrior Lucy. It is a fun build of UniKitty in her hulked-out mode. I like that this set works with the set of Emmett and his getaway car from the beginning of the movie. That was a great way to make these sets feel more like the movie. I like that LEGO did that.

We also recorded a couple additional things to make some more episodes as we post every Wednesday and Sunday of each week.

Read to Me, Dad! Reviews – CATWAD: It’s Me – By Jim Benton

Catwad - Its Me
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00044

Occasionally publishers send me books to read and review. The thing is, I am terrible about getting them done and posting them, however that ends now. With my first review of a new book by Jim Benton called CATWAD : It’s Me. It was sent to me for free to read and review. Opinions are my own.

If I can get my son to read anything it is a miracle. He likes some things but pulling him away from the iPad is often a chore. I gave him my copy of CATWAD by Jim Benton and he immediately took to it and began reading, and laughing. Belly laughs. He loves silliness and this book is right in his wheelhouse. The book is also in the wheelhouse for Andrew’s age group. I read through the book and enjoyed it. There were some moments of laughter for me but I am a bit far removed from the target audience by several years. I did enjoy it though. I especially liked the first sketch between Catwad and his best friend Blurmp. That defines their relationship immediately and lets the reader know the dynamic going forward. You can see more of what I thought in my video review below.

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