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A Camo Creamery Taco Sundae on National Ice Cream Day

At Camo Creamery
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00202

Today was National Ice Cream Day. Of course it occurs on a day when the whole family is away and I have to be home for work. I got up for work and headed over to Camo Creamery to try out their taco sundae. they take one of their waffle cones and make it look like a taco shell. then they put 3 scoops of ice cream inside. I had seen the taco sundae on their Instagram and had to go and try it out. The sundae was also reasonably priced at less than $6. That is hard to find. It is something that I really like about Camo Creamery. They are reasonable in their prices. Here’s a better shot of that sundae.

Taco Sundae

A really tasty treat on a day that was so very hot.

Becoming Luna Lovegood

More of the Luna Lovegood Cosplay
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00201

Eva loves smart quirky characters. So, when she finally met Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series she was overjoyed to discover a kindred spirit. This year we are heading to the Granite State Comicon and Eva and Andrew are working on special cosplay outfits to wear while they are there. Eva has an original character and also Luna. Today a special neon dinosaur skirt that we ordered on arrived. Eva has put together her costume through what she can find on amazon as well as her own clothes to get as close as she can to a Luna Lovegood costume. Below are some of the items that she has found on Amazon. These are our Affiliate links and if you use them you help out our channel.