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The Very End of an Era

Final Daily Photo

It has come to an end…..

For the past 13 years I have taken a photo every single day.




Yesterday, I forgot to take one.

The streak is over.

I shot 4749 consecutive daily photos in the past 13 years and five days into year 14…

I forgot to take a photo.

For the first time ever.

Over the past 13 years there have been some photos shot at 11:59pm in sheer panic over missing a day. Over the past 13 years I have had moments where I shot to make an interesting, challenging or artistic shot. Other days I took photos of random things that made no sense or weren’t that compelling as far as images.

In 13 years things have changed immensely. The one constant to my own personal identity has been my daily photos. It was something that I took great pride in doing and as the numbers crept up there I was wondering where and when I would finally stop or even if I’d stop. In the end it wasn’t even a decision, it wasn’t even a thought. I simply forgot and when I woke up this morning I realized that I had forgotten.

I’ve taken daily photos for slightly longer than I’ve been married.

My Photo-A-Day project was the first teenager that I had any involvement in creating.

My children have never known a day without dad’s daily photo.

I don’t really have any other statistics here but my Daily Photo-A-Day project has chronicled our lives for the past 13 years. It was a part of me, a part I was truly proud of. Now the streak is over. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think that I’ll be starting another one, though.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging. It just means that the little camera head man below won’t be showing up anymore on the daily posts.

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Kids Love to Recolor

Kids love to Recolor
Photo-A-Day #4749

One of the apps that the kids love using every time they are on their tablets is the Recolor app. They have made all sorts of images with the app. Some of the images are quite complex and then when they show me their finished product I am so impressed by what they have done. The color selections alone are very impressive. Eva showed me how they can take a color wheel and fine tune the exact color that they want to use.

There are some pay aspects to the app, like specific colors and more things to color but for the most part they can enjoy the app without all the extra bells and whistles.

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LEGO Thanos and LEGO Thanos

Multiple Thanos
Photo-A-Day #4748

This afternoon I spent some time building another LEGO set. This was one of my older ones, the Avenjet Space Mission. This one included Thanos, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, Iron Man in a Space Suit and Captain America in a space suit as well. It was a good build and has a bunch of fun features. There is a special hidden spot where Iron Man can hide and then part of the ship pops up and can fly on its own. Thanos has these mini flying boots that also have some stud shooters. The Avenjet has about five flick missiles on the underside, too. I’m going to try and rebuild all of the Marvel LEGO sets I have before Infinity War arrives.

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Living Wax Museum With Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor
Photo-A-Day #4747

Tonight we went to see Eva’s class do a Living Wax Museum. I had never heard of this before. That is, until this year when I saw the TV show Alex, Inc. That is the first I had ever heard of this sort of thing. A few days later I learned that Eva was going to be doing the same thing. I knew that she was doing a project on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. I just hadn’t realized how extensive it was. She did a ton of work for it and was excellent as Sonia Sotomayor.

The way this works is you go up to one of the students and they have a few items for their person. They also have a tap-light next to them. You step up and tap the light. The student stands up and says a speech about their person. Once they are done they tap their light off and sit back down stone still. Eva did an amazing job at this. She was so serious in her role. I was impressed. All the kids did a great job as their people.

After the event we went to Box Seats with Mom and Dad. It was nice to have dinner together. Andrew was cute and funny and we were all so proud of Eva.

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Review: Don’t Rock the Boat

The Kids Rocking the Boat
Photo-A-Day #4746

We received the new game from PlayMonster for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own. We also have an amazon affiliate link for you to use to buy your own.

If yo are looking for a quick game with a lot of laughs then PlayMonster’s Don’t Rock the Boat is that game. It is super simple to set up and play and you can play about a dozen times in 5 minutes. The game goes especially quick with kids because they just drop the figures onto the boat and ultimately rock it and spill all the pieces off the boat.

The rules are super simple, too:

  1. Youngest player goes first
  2. Player picks a piece and puts it onto the ship
  3. Players keep repeating this until someone knocks a piece off the ship
  4. The last player to successfully place a piece on the ship without knocking anything off wins
Here was our gameplay and video review. The kids liked making up silly names for the cute penguin pieces.

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