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The Very End of an Era

Final Daily Photo

It has come to an end…..

For the past 13 years I have taken a photo every single day.




Yesterday, I forgot to take one.

The streak is over.

I shot 4749 consecutive daily photos in the past 13 years and five days into year 14…

I forgot to take a photo.

For the first time ever.

Over the past 13 years there have been some photos shot at 11:59pm in sheer panic over missing a day. Over the past 13 years I have had moments where I shot to make an interesting, challenging or artistic shot. Other days I took photos of random things that made no sense or weren’t that compelling as far as images.

In 13 years things have changed immensely. The one constant to my own personal identity has been my daily photos. It was something that I took great pride in doing and as the numbers crept up there I was wondering where and when I would finally stop or even if I’d stop. In the end it wasn’t even a decision, it wasn’t even a thought. I simply forgot and when I woke up this morning I realized that I had forgotten.

I’ve taken daily photos for slightly longer than I’ve been married.

My Photo-A-Day project was the first teenager that I had any involvement in creating.

My children have never known a day without dad’s daily photo.

I don’t really have any other statistics here but my Daily Photo-A-Day project has chronicled our lives for the past 13 years. It was a part of me, a part I was truly proud of. Now the streak is over. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think that I’ll be starting another one, though.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging. It just means that the little camera head man below won’t be showing up anymore on the daily posts.

Macro LEGO and Micro Building

Macro Level LEGO
Photo-A-Day #4636

Tonight I went over to Brian’s house to film Built from Bricks. This week was a little different than past weeks because this week we actually had a guest in the studio. Luke Taylor is a LEGO enthusiast who builds on Micro scale. Micro scale is when you take some of the smallest bricks from LEGO and make them look like much larger things like buildings and such. Luke makes amazing city skylines that are futuristic in nature. He brought two of his creations with him to the garage to show us and to talk with our fans on the YouTube LiveStream. You can see the livestream below.

The photo today was taken with my new Pixel 2 XL and a clip on selfie light/lens combination. the lens combination has both Macro and Wide Angle. I was playing around with the macro lens and shot this image of a single LEGO round stud. I like this new toy a lot. You can pick up your own through my link below.