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Oliver the Ornament – The Importance of Kindness

Oliver the Ornament

Today is World Kindness day and in honor of that I wanted to tell you a little story about a Christmas Ornament. The ornament’s name is Oliver. Oliver is a cute little boy on ice skates with a broken arm but a huge heart. I was given a copy of the delightful book and shared it with my son. Andrew has one of the kindest hearts I know and so this story of kindness in the face of bullying was an important one.

Bullying, at Christmas? Yes, in this story Oliver the ornament gets bullied by a few of the other ornaments because he is so old and has a broken arm. I honestly found the reasons a bit thin but then again kids bully kids for all sorts of dumb reasons that do not make sense. Adults do as well. Having Oliver be bullied and feel bad about himself was what making him respond with kindness more impactful. In this story about a Christmas tradition we are reminded of all of those ornaments and decorations that we have in our homes and how they came to live with us. Maybe you found one on a special trip. Maybe you have a certain type that you buy each year like we do. We get the special Keepsake frame that you can place a small family photo inside. With that we can look back on a fun family photo from the past year. Continue reading Oliver the Ornament – The Importance of Kindness

Halloween Books and Movies from Disney including 25th Anniversary Editions of Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hocus Pocus and A Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween is right around the corner and Disney has you covered with some spooky books and movies. We recently received some review copies of the 25th anniversary edition of Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Edition which is also a Sing-A-Long Version. We watched Hocus Pocus as a family the other night. I had never seen it before but the rest of the family did. It was funny and fun to see so many actors and actresses that we know from several TV shows and movies now. Especially Binks. Allison is a huge NCIS fan and Sean Murray plays McGee on that show. We see him all the time. It was funny seeing him as a kid actor. Overall we enjoyed seeing the movie and the three witches were pretty funny. I guess I probably should have watched this as a kid, or at least watched it the first time round with the family. They were all sorts of tickled by it the first time they watched. Eva was still into it the second time but Andrew did his Andrew thing when he is no longer interested, plays loudly or talks throughout the movie. I probably should have gotten him a few books to read while we watched the movie, books like those below. Or, I could have downloaded the digital version of the Nightmare before Christmas to see if he’d be more interested in that. Continue reading Halloween Books and Movies from Disney including 25th Anniversary Editions of Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas