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Book Reviews: Back to School Reading from Disney Books

First day of school 2018

The kids went back to school yesterday. I will be sad to see them away from the house all day long. I do miss them even if I have the whole place to myself and can do whatever I want. Maybe even get in some reading. In our house we place a heavy emphasis on reading. Both Eva and Andrew are avid readers. I cannot even keep up with how much Eva reads. Andrew is coming along but really working on it. I still enjoy reading to the kids when I get a chance and we are lucky that Disney Publishing sends us tons of books throughout the year. I will be doing way more on books going forward and giving you recommendations of new books to enjoy with your own kids. Here are some that are back to school themed. These books have been provided to us for free in order to give our honest reviews. Continue reading Book Reviews: Back to School Reading from Disney Books

An Independence Day Reading List

American Flag

From Time to Time I receive books from Disney Publishing. I promise that I’ll bring more books to the blog as suggestions. I receive these books for free and I get them to review and share with you. Opinions are our own.

We received a couple of books recently that are perfect to read heading up to the 4th of July holiday and the celebrations that we will be attending. Two years ago Eva sang God Bless America and did an amazing job. She may do it again this year at the annual neighborhood parade. I hope she does because it is the 100th anniversary of the song. You can see her sing it in the video below.

One of the books that I have to tell you about is God Bless America: The Story of an Immigrant Named Irving Berlin. This is the story of Irving Berlin’s experiences that led him to writing this song which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The second book is about Thomas Paine and Common Sense. I had to read Common Sense for Humanities when I was in college. I may have to re-read that one. We read both of these books and they were good. We then donated them to the kids’ school for the library. Continue reading An Independence Day Reading List