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Giving this LiveStream Thing a Shot

My LiveStream Setup
Photo-A-Day #4544

Today I decided to try out some Live Streaming. I have a lot to learn to make this a much better experience for anyone watching. I a using a software called OBS. This can do a lot of things and I got it set up so that I can play video games as well as change camera sizes. I may even grab a small HD webcam to have an additional camera angle to use when showing toys. I’ve also got to make sure that if I am doing any video game livestreaming to turn off the music from the games. I immediately got a copyright ding from Nintendo for the music from ARMS.

In my livestream I unboxed my latest Smugglers’s Bounty box. This box was themed Jedi and it contained items for Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jin, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon and Yoda. There were good items in the box although I would have liked it if they included the paper inside that details how they decided on the characters and what it took to come up with the character designs for the Funko figures.

As far as Funko figures go I found some little figures for the movie Thor Ragnarok. They are actually keychains but I take the keychain part off to have small figures. I’ll be taking them with me to LA next month for the Thor Ragnarok Press trip that I am attending. I’ve got to write up a post all about it, too.

During the livestream I also played some Legend of Zelda and show a cool little robot that we got for review. So, take a look and I promise I will figure out the whole sound thing for the extra videos and video games.

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Unboxing Skylanders Imaginators Tidepool and Blaster-Tron

Master Tidepool
Photo-A-Day #4420

Activision sent me two Skylanders Imaginators Figures for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Master Tidepool is one of my favorite new Skylanders Senseis. This is a new female character who is of the Water Element and of the Battle Class Quickshot. She is covered in all sorts of things from the ocean. Her armor is a cross between seashells and barnacles. Her helmet has a nautilus shell on it, too. Also, her hair is seaweed and her skirt is like a scallop shell. She has fun powers, too. She shoots ink with her squid guns and then can launch one of them and it will embed itself into the ground and attach enemies. She can also summon a whale to attack bad guys, too.

Blaster-Tron is a former villain that was trapped in a traptanium crystal in Trap Team. He looks like a 1950’s interpretation of a robot. He is of the Light Element and the Knight Battle Class. He’s got this wicked cool sword that shoots lasers. He can also shoot out a bubble that can encapsulate the enemy. He can also shoot the rockets off his back with an energy beam in between them to ensnare and trip up enemies.

We are nearing the end of all of the releases of the Skylanders Imaginators. We are still waiting on Master Ro-Bow. Now I have to work on completing this game because it is one of the most fun Skylanders games I have played so far.

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Unboxing The cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack for Skylanders Imaginators on the Nintendo Switch

Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm - Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack
Photo-A-Day #4370

Activision sent me the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack with Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm, a Life Creation Crystal and an imaginite chest with over 80 parts.

Wildstorm is a Knight Battle Class Sensei of the Air Element and having him unlocks a whole new level, the Cursed Tiki Temple level. It is full of all new baddies and lots of fun.

I loaded in the character as well as the imaginite chest full of 80 imaginite items. Now I have a ton of new stuff to use to create new Imaginator characters. On top of that there was the new Life Creation Crystal and despite already having that design I can still use it to create a new character of a different battle class.

I noticed that the chest provided new ultimate weapons for the imaginators. One weapon for each battle class. Something I failed to point out in the video below. The video shows you more about the character, his catch phrase and much more. Of of the cooler looking characters to come along.


Activision sent me the gameplay video to use in my video. I am still working out how to capture great gameplay on my Nintendo Switch so that I can give you more gameplay videos. This new Adventure Pack releases on April 7, 2017.

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Some Days Just Call for a Kitchen Sink Cookie

Kitchen Sink Cookie
Photo-A-Day #4365

They are overpriced at Panera, I bought one once when I was using the Panera wifi to write blog posts. the cookie has chocolate Chips, sea salt, caramel, possibly potato chips and nuts. It has a bunch of things in it and tastes really good.

I had gotten up late from my day’s sleep and was rushing all over the house trying to take care of things and get out the door so that I could stop at Smashburger for dinner. I got to Smashburger and the wait was 26 minutes once you placed your order. Nope. Didn’t have enough time for that. So I went into Gamestop quickly and saw that they had some of the Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards. I picked up two packages so that each of the kids could open a package. I got them because we were just given two download codes to use on the Nintendo 3DS systems that we have (my old one and my new one). The new one can read the amiibo cards, the old one cannot. I don’t think they’ll use the cards much, but I will with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. Apparently there are 90 cards to collect for the game. We’ll be doing an actual review of the game later this week.

After Gamestop I decided to try out a new place call Which Wich, a sandwich shop, but it was so confusing and convoluted that I just walked out. I was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t have what I was craving for my whole drive to work and then basically going into and out of a few places while the time ticked by was also no fun. I went into Panera and the Kitchen Sink Cookie looked really good. So, I got one.

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Four Skylanders Toys Pulling Double Duty on the Nintendo Switch

4 Skylanders Toys Pulling Double Duty on the Nintendo Switch
Photo-A-Day #4352

The past few days I’ve been loading in all of my Skylanders to Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch. I am also loading in my amiibo characters into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in order to get tons of extra gear. I realized that there are four Skylanders toys that pull double duty. They act as Skylanders and also amiibo figures.

The Skylanders are Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser and also their dark versions. I’m sure that people already know this but I wanted to point it out when you were thinking about loading up your amiibo into Breath of the Wild.

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