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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Debut Today on Netflix

Eva and the finished She-Ra sword

I’ve been excitedly waiting for the debut of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power so that I could watch with the kids. I was offered a fun DIY kit for the kids to use to make She-Ra’s sword and also her cape. This set was sent to us from DreamWorks Animation. Opinions of the kit are our own. We have not yet watched the series so those opinions will be reserved for later.

Designing She-Ras Sword

This was a nice kit that included everything the kids needed to create She-Ra’s sword, her cape and it also came with a She-Ra tiara. I had to sleep between my shifts at work and so the kids took care of creating the sword on their own. I think that they ended up doing a rather good job. They both worked on this and I think that this is very important that both kids see this show together. There are characters within the show for everyone which is important. Continue reading She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Debut Today on Netflix

Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock on DVD

Vampirina Box Art

Coming out this Tuesday November 6th is the first Vampirina DVD devoted to the musical episodes of Vampirina and her band the Ghoul Girls. I have been following this series since before it was on Disney Junior. I actually was able to interview the series creator Chris Nee on a Disney Press trip little over one year ago. She gave us all sorts of great insight into the show and the creation of the series. She even told us about how she got James Van Der Beek to be Vampirina’s father, Boris. My interview is at Choose Kindness with Chris Nee and Vampirina So, the show has a special place in my heart. The kids love it, both of them, the seven year old and 11 year old because it is a sweet and funny show. It is laden with puns. Everywhere you turn is another one. At the heart of the show, however, is being kind to each other and accepting those things that make us all different.

Music on the show is also done really well. Vampirina and her friends have a band and they are also friendly with some older girls who also have a band. They often play together or back each other up. These episodes highlight those musical moments in the show. Continue reading Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock on DVD