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Rainbow after a storm

Rainbow after a storm
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00231

We were planning on heading to our friend’s home tonight to have movie night with them in their back yard. However, a freak late afternoon storm popped up and it down-poured hard. So we had movie night at home but partway through the movie I went out to bring in the trash barrels and saw a full double rainbow over the houses across the street. I got Allison and the kids to come out and take a look. It was a very vibrant rainbow, too. I could not photograph the whole thing at once with the phone. Not wide enough lens.

for Movie night we watched Bumblebee and it was fun. There were some scary parts but Eva loved it and Andrew enjoyed it. I liked being able to share that one movie with them. Maybe We’ll watch the 2007 movie next. They might enjoy that, too. Although, Bumblebee was way more accessible for them than any of he Bay led ones.

Transformers on Display

Transformers Display
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00096

I have over 600 Transformers. Do you know the last time I saw all of them together? 2007! I bought more since that time and so I probably have close to 700 now but when I got them all out and together was one day when I had an empty giant room. I set every one of them up for a photo shoot with the local paper around the opening of the first Transformers movie. Then I boxed everything into 12 Rubbermaid trunks and put them in the attic of my parent’s house. They are still there.

I’m looking to pair things down and that means selling off my collection (not the originals but the other stuff) and just keep and display those ones that mean something to me, my first one, Wheeljack and all the subsequent Wheeljack figures that were made after that. Transformers that I can see and enjoy. I want that around my office and so these few were set up in one of the boxes that hold up my TV for filming gaming videos.