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The Toy Insider HoliDAY of Play 2018 Recap – @TheToyInsider #WeKnowPay

Attending the Holiday of Play

On Thursday I drove down to New York City with fellow blogger Beth Giusti of Real Life Mama Drama. We were going to New York to participate in The Toy Insider HoliDAY of Play. This was a special event where The Toy Insider revealed their top lists for he Holiday Season. They have three lists: The Hot 20, The STEM 10 and the TECH 12. These are the toys that you should be on the lookout for because they are going to fly off the shelves. These lists are found in The Toy Insider Holiday Gift Guide and also the Family Circle. I am a writer for The Toy Insider and received some toys at the end of the event. I was not paid to attend or compensated in any way for my coverage. You can see the toys below and some more information about the event. Continue reading The Toy Insider HoliDAY of Play 2018 Recap – @TheToyInsider #WeKnowPay

Another Great Year at the Faire!

Andrew and Eva at the Faire

For the past several years the family has been guests of King Richard at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA. This Renaissance Faire has been been operating for 37 seasons so far. I’ve heard from many people who have attended over the years. It is time to get back and visit the Realm once again. As I stated, we have been guests of King Richard many years, and this means that we are provided tickets to enter the Faire free of charge. We still have to purchase our food and there are always souvenirs that the kids take home.

With the Drummer

When we arrived we missed the opening welcome with the cast. We were a couple of minutes late. We were, however, greeted by a few citizens of the realm. One was a drummer that we had met many times in the past. Hi name is Dave Schneider, and he is there every year. Five years ago when we were wheeling Andrew around the Faire in the stroller he helped soothe the savage little beast (he wasn’t really a beast but he was quite upset at being put into the stroller). He let Andrew play the drums a bit and that made him happy. I will always remember that. It helped calm me as well. Continue reading Another Great Year at the Faire!