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All new Beasts and Battle Cards for Beasts of Balance

Playing Beasts of Balance

About a year ago we received a copy of Beasts of Balance to review. This is a great game that is a cross between Jenga and a world building video game. Recently the game’s app was upgraded and all new beasts were added into the mix. There was also another way in which to play. Now players can battle each other with the new beasts and all new battle cards. We were given a set of these new beasts and also these new battle cards to play with and review. When Andrew saw the package he was a very excited. We opened them immediately to play. We also recorded our gameplay in a video. It is long but shows how the new Battle Mode works really well.

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First Impressions of LEGO DC Super-Villains


I received a Download Code for LEGO DC Super-Villains so that I could play the game and review it for you. WB Games sent that to me along with a code for the Season Pass with all the DLC content. I have been looking forward to this game for months now and we have mentioned it a ton on Built from Bricks. Well, I have now played the game and want to tell you about my first impressions.

At this point I am several levels into gameplay. It is a really fun game to play. It is filled with the humor that we have come to know from a LEGO game and it really has some deep geek humor as well as the slapstick stuff for the kids. Gameplay is typical of all LEGO games so if you’ve ever played one before than you should be able to pick this one up easily and get going. What is different about this game is the way that you can customize Rookie. Rookie is your own personal character. He is a new bad guy and you can control every aspect of this character from all of the colors and clothes to how his or her powers look when they work. The only thing that Rookie doesn’t do is talk. It becomes a running joke throughout the game.

LEGO DC Super-Villains - Lex Luthor and The Joker

The day I got the game I did a small play-through of the first level. I have not done many gameplay videos and I had just set a few things up. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the game and plugged in headphones partway through and that took the sound of the game out. Live and learn. If you want to catch all the sound then check out the Built from Bricks gameplay that I did with Brian this past Thursday on our livestream. Brian actually figured out a good way to be able to hear the sound and capture it. I’ll be using that technique in the future.

Here is my solo attempt and first impression video.

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