CBS cares…

CBS cares because they offer some of their signature TV shows as full episodes online. The service is offered through InnerTube. I was able to watch last week’s CSI episode that I had forgotten to tape. And this morning I was able to watch last Monday’s CSI Miami episode that I didn’t tape. I did want to catch last week’s episodes of How I met Your Mother and The Class.

I really like how some of the stations are setting up the episodes online. I think they should at least leave them up for 2-3 weeks in case you really need to catch up. CBS and ABC have full episodes online. You can catch up on Lost very quickly. However NBC doesn’t keep their episodes online as long. You can catch Monday’s episode of Heroes but not last Monday’s episode. I am two episodes behind but I did tape them.

I think it is pretty sweet that you are able to catch up with these shows easily and online.

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