Celebrating Fall

Photo-A-Day #2749

Eva was having a great time throwing leaves into the sky to entertain Andrew while we brought in the groceries. When we came back out I snapped this image of her in mid throw. She’s just so joyous about it that I can’t help but smile.

Tonight was Dad’s night at Eva’s school. I got to go in and see her classroom and do a craft together. We also played games and had snack. All the kids drew pictures of their dads and we had to guess which ones were which. I’m pretty sure that the teachers gave all the dads hints so that they guessed the right picture on the first try so the kids were happy. Wouldn’t want any kid upset that Dad doesn’t know their art style. I had an advantage though because I was the only dad with glasses. Eva didn’t draw the goatee, she was upset about forgetting that. It didn’t matter she made a nice picture and I had a great time.

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