I am often reminded of that line in the 12 pains of Christmas where one guy laments “Charities!” and screams “Get a Job Ya Bum!”. And you know what, sometimes it is hard not to feel that way. Why? There are just so many charities out there right now. A cause for every affliction and downtrodden person. It is just so overwhelming that sometimes you can feel hopeless about the whole thing. But I think that bloggers know that their words can powerfully affect these causes and their strength and conviction can help raise many, many dollars and much awareness.

Take for instance a Postie Friend of mine, Courtney. She is riding in many of the Tour de Cure races. What is Tour de Cure? I didn’t know either, but they are bike races to raise funds for a cure to diabetes. That is something that I can really get behind because I have diabetes. Had I not met Courtney or learned about her blog Ride To Remedy, I probably wouldn’t have known about the Tour de Cure. So thanks Courtney, You Rock, Hard, for all of us. And she needs some help raising funds. She pays her way to each race but is also trying to raise donations for the cause. Help her out.

Photo-A-Day #960 11/24/07I like to keep any blogging that I do about causes personal to me. I want to see that whatever money I raise goes directly to help people. This past November I had my 15 Year High School Reunion. We raised money for the family of one of my classmates, Becky Machinski. Becky and her husband Mike have battled Cancer. Mike continues to battle this horrible disease. He is so strong and courageous even though the Cancer is hurting him so much. The family spent all of their money on keeping together and fighting this disease. As a class we came together to raise over $1600 in funds for the Machinskis.

Some of that money came right from people who visited this blog. I used this blog to promote and sell a 2008 Photo-A-Day calendar to raise money for the Machinskis. I had hoped to sell 100 of them so I could raise $297. $200 would go to the family directly and th $97 would go to an item to put in a silent auction. I didn’t raise as much as I wanted to through the calendars so I just gave all the money to the Machinskis. I did however get a bunch of straight up donations that made allowed me to give the Machinskis over $200.00. That was through this blog and the people who came to visit.

And at the reunion there was a silent auction. I donated one of the 2008 Photo-A-Day calendars and a portrait sitting. They both went pretty well. Becky even donated some pieces of jewelry that she designed and made. She has her own store called Hope Creations Online.

The Machinskis have an online journal to keep people informed about Mike’s battle with Cancer. I read it today and Becky is trying to get Mike Nominated for the American Cancer Societies Courage Award. Please read about Mike’s battle with Cancer and how he has been such an inspiration to his friends and family. Despite his pain he still does all he can to be a great father to three beautiful little girls. He coaches their teams and helps them out. If you want to help nominated Mike go to the Machinski Journal, read up on him and if you want to nominate Mike for this courage award…you can submit a nomination to Pat Haughton at 111 West Ridge St. in Lansford, PA 18232 or to You will need to include why you feel Mike should be nominated as well as this basic information:

Mike Machinski, age 35
70 Ridgeview Drive
Lehighton, PA 18235
Diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkins Lymphoma 3/15/2004
Currently battling re-occurring lymphoma in lymphatic system, bone and lung.

So in all I do try to champion causes with this blog as long as they are close to my heart and I know that I can make some bit of difference. Spotlighting people who do courageous things and are out there battling against such overwhelming odds. I applaud them and wish to help them well.

Sue's Walking 4 2nd Base... PAD 1036I would also like to mention my friend Sue who is walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for team Walking for 2nd Base. I posted a message about her cause and hope that it helped raise funds for her walk. I also helped her out with a portrait for her giving page.

And I would like to mention my friend Stephen the Dog who is asking you to donate for Spite, yes Spite. Stephen is a very interesting dog. And despite his motivations his intentions for the money are worthwhile to help his neighborhood stay safe.

I don’t have a cause of my own, but if I know you I will help champion your cause and be a good cheerleader for your efforts. I’ve seen the power of what bloggers can do with their online voices and taking that to spark efforts in off line causes. It is some powerful stuff when we band together to help.

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