Charlotte, NC St. Patricks Day

I am in Charlotte, NC and apparently they think it is Saint Patrick’s day because there was a parade through the middle of the main drag downtown. I know this because I arrived as it was just beginning. That meant that I had to improvise my directions somewhat because the place I wanted to be was directly on the other side of the marching bands, college floats and bagpipers. But since Charlotte is laid out as a city should be, not the jumbled mess of say I don’t know, Boston. I was able to pretty much go up and around the corner and come back down another street and get to the hotel no problem. I parked the car and then chanced checking in (because if you know me I was at my hotel extremely early, well before check in time.) They had a room for me so I went out to watch the parade and then when I had had enough I went in and got myself situated because I will be in Charlotte for 4 nights, yep this is a decent travel week for me, not alot of running around. Pretty much staying in the same place and then heading out on Wednesday morning for a Thursday demonstration.

Some Parade Pictures will be up later

Pictures Uploaded

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