I met Deb and Tim at Blogworld and New Media Expo this past October. They were at the MarketLeverage dinner at Envy, but I didn’t get tot talk with them until after the meal. Even then it just wasn’t enough time to talk with these two really nice bloggers. When I put out the call to help Maureen they were quick to respond. Deb of ChattyGal.com and her husband Tim of Emonetized.com were super generous and donated money towards helping our friend Maureen. They donated for not one but two reviews here on BenSpark.com. This review is for Deb’s blog for all the ladies, Chattygal.com.

I started reading Deb’s blog posts was surprised to see that she hadn’t been blogging that long. For one thing she has a very professional looking blog it is clean and very fast loading, she offers very valuable content and she’s already taught me a couple of great lessons. I’m not in the frugal realm although I do love to save money so I didn’t immediately go to the frugal posts however the tech tips are very decent and now what I expected to find on a typical Mommy blog. Deb wrote a very good post all about how to set up the ultimate facebook fan page for your blog or business. I didn’t even know how to do half of those 10 steps and it was very helpful.

I did start reading through quite a few of Deb’s posts and these were a few that I enjoyed.

Deb’s blog has a variety of topics and that include frugal tips, craft ideas, shopping, dieting, and the latest information about new and trendy products. This is one up and coming blog worth reading. One more great way to learn more about Deb’s blog and her writing style is to download her free ebook “How to Make or Bake a Diaper Cake”. You get that free with a subscription to Deb’s blog.

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7 Responses to “Chatty Gal.com Catches my Ear”

  1. MLDina says:

    Deb rocks! Her blog offers so much useful info and little tips I never would have thought of. She’s pretty entertaining, too. Glad you guys were able to meet at the dinner.

    • Drew says:

      I agree. Deb and Tim really stepped things up and helped out big time. Her blog has many great pieces of info already, I look forward to more.

  2. Murray says:

    You have to love Deb and Tim they are such welcoming people and so helpful to others.
    .-= Look at what Murray wrote blog ..Twitter Contest =-.

    • Drew says:

      You are so correct, they were really nice when I met them and for them to step up and help out Maureen, well that is amazing.

  3. Mo says:

    Believe it or not I’ve had ChattyGal.com bookmarked for a VERY long time! I love her tips-I even just shared it with my sister who is a very new mom of a 3 year old.

    Thank you, Deb…from the bottom of my heart…this fangirl is truly touched by your kindness!
    .-= Look at what Mo wrote blog ..motarpey: RT @BenSpark Chatty Gal.com Catches my Ear | Everyday Pictures… Every… Day – BenSpark.com http://bit.ly/1NOr6d =-.

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