Chocolate Lovers Stroll 2009

Chocolate Lovers Stroll 2009
Photo-A-Day #1408

One nice thing that I love about North Attleboro is the Downtown Association. While downtowns across America are struggling to stay alive ours continues to do something about it. We get vibrant new businesses as well as local fixtures. And we also have some great events to generate spirit like the Chocolate Lovers Stroll.

The event serves quite a few purposes. For one thing it draws people to the downtown. It gets people to discover that the downtown area has much to offer. It gives businesses downtown a day to welcome many people through their doors. It also gives people something to do for a few dollars and a couple of hours.

Allison, Eva and I went on this walk last year and we had so much fun. The same can be said about this year. The chocolates are still wonderful and we got to see many people. I even got a few photos using the Xshot.

Fire Station

Which is great because today is the last day to get Free Shipping from Xshot. And today I received a CD from Michael from Xshot with a video that I made a few years ago, I somehow lost it and it was no longer online, but now it has been found so if you are still unsure about the dramatic differences between taking a photo at arm’s length and taking one with an Xshot watch the video below for a good explanation.


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  1. Your right No. Attleboro has been and is a good place to live. I’m glad you appreciate it. I guess Buying Church St. 27 yearss ago was a good choice.

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