Christmas 2012

Photo-A-Day #2818

Our Christmas morning started quietly. Allison and I were up early before the kids which has been unheard of lately. Eva slept till 7 and we had to wake Andrew up at 8am. Allison made the annual Cinnamon rolls and this time laid them out in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Eva was tickled over that. She enjoyed opening her stocking gifts with mom and dad. We got Andrew up and started opening gifts in earnest.

The only thing that Eva asked for were Skylanders. That was easy since I picked up every single one I could as soon as they came out so I had all the ones she wanted. The hard part was waiting to open them for the past few months. I was so tempted to play them. Despite only wanting Skylanders I picked her up some other gifts including a Crayola Lightboard that had tracing patterns for Eva. It was her favorite gift. She played with that up until we left for my parent’s house.

We spent the afternoon with my Mom and Dad, Tara and Erik, Shelby and Tim and Howard and Bonnie. Later in the afternoon my grandfather and uncle came over to visit as well. We had a wonderful lunch and some great desserts. Eva and Andrew had a wonderful Christmas Day. They had so much fun with family and friends.

We came home and Allison and I watched some TV and I set up the family gift. I picked up the Nintendo Wii U Deluxe for the family to play with. So I set it up and replaced out old Wii, transferred the save files and did an upgrade tot eh software. Tomorrow I’ll get a chance to actually play with it.

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