Christmas Spirit: Brunch with Santa Howard

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Today we went to have brunch with Santa over at Red Stone, formerly LA Roberts. Santa, as always, was played by my brother-in-law’s father, Howard. Uncle Howard is a fantastic Santa. He really interacts well with the kids, has a real beard and a great Santa outfit. What we were wondering this year, would Eva recognize him or would Christmas Magic make her continue to believe.

We went to early morning Mass and then spent time at Mem and Grandfather’s. I helped Dad with the Christmas tree and also the annual Christmas letter. It seems that this is coming together a lot earlier this year. I’m in charge of the photos for the insert but Dad writes the letter. He summed up the year pretty well too. Eva helped Dad put the Angel on the tree.

Brunch was good. A pretty standard brunch fare. Santa came out and around to the tables. Eva stopped eating and watched everything that he did. She did not indicate that she knew that Santa was really Uncle Howard. Santa went from table to table. he stopped at our table and talked to each of us. I think that Eva was fascinated because Santa knew about Andrew and Eva’s family. She took everything in.

We had our meal and then kids were going up to meet Santa. Eva went up as well and we took the photos of Eva and Andrew with Santa, Eva alone with Santa and Andrew alone with Santa. I think that Andrew is already skeptical of Santa.

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