Photo-A-Day #1515

Eva taking a shower with Allison this morning. She did have a little soap mohawk happening the first time she popped up her head but I only had the cell phone and wasn’t expecting such a cute shot. So we did it again and the shot is still cute, I mean what shot of Eva is not cute?

Today we got ready for Grandma Theresa’s Wake. I finished putting together the 100 best photos of Grandma to be displayed at the wake. Then I came home and took care of Eva while Allison ran in to Newton to work. She’s doing some part time stuff for her former Boss. Never burn bridges is an important part of our work ethic. While Allison was gone I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete the second set of photos, the ones for after the funeral, so I took Eva over to the Capron Park Zoo to relax and gather my thoughts. We saw all the animals except for the otters and then Eva spent some time on the swings and slides. We came home, had a lunch with Memere and then I put Eva down for a nap. Since then I have been working on a DVD for after Grandma’s funeral. The photos play to Ellis Paul’s song God’s Promise, which is actually Ellis’ music to Woody Guthrie’s lyrics. The song was part of an effort for the Guthrie family to see Woody’s work set to music. Woody Guthrie wrote this song while he was bedridden for so long. He wrote hundred’s of songs there in that bed and very few are set to music. It is a pretty amazing project.

Tonight is Grandma Theresa’s Wake and tomorrow is her funeral. I won’t be on that much between now and later tomorrow night. I have to finish working on the eulogy.

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  1. Baba,
    Arlo Guthrie is a staple in our home every thanksgiving. A local radio station places Alice’s restaurant in its entirety. We love it.

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