Postie Reporter at CollegeFest 2007 - Day 2

After two awesome days at CollegeFest 2007 I learned many things about the team from PayPerPost and all of them positive. I was very fortunate to have been selected for this special assignment and took to it was as much enthusiasm that I could muster, and then I heaped on more. But it was so easy to be enthusiastic with such nice people to spend time with (The PayPerPost RockStars) and such nice people to meet and greet (The Students and other Exhibitors). I’d do this sort of thing all the time, my body would hate me for it but I’d enjoy the heck out of it all none-the-less. At CollegeFest 2007 I took over 1000 photos. Only about 163 made the grade in my book. Here is my set of photos from Flickr (Photos in the set are in Chronological Order over the two days) or if you prefer, Zooomr (There only seems to be 157 there, I have to figure that out). Descriptions and captions will be forthcoming. It is Monday and I am back to my real job and have a ton to do so for now, look at the pretty photos.

I wrote the following on the T on my way home last night.

Tonight after CollegeFest I went out to dinner with the RockStars of PayPerPost (Ashley, Britt, Marty, Travis and Shaun). We went to dinner at Dick’s Last Resort in Quincy Market. The wait staff was not nearly rude enough for our liking. Nope, they were actually tame. I promised rude. Oh well.

dinner was pretty tasty too. I got a bucket of ribs and wings. The bucket was fake only the top was used for food. Not near enough ribs and wings. However tasted pretty good. I enjoyed my dinner and the company was great.

Here are some photos from dinner.

CollegeFest_Day2_070 CollegeFest_Day2_072 CollegeFest_Day2_071
CollegeFest_Day2_068 CollegeFest_Day2_064 CollegeFest_Day2_069
CollegeFest_Day2_067 CollegeFest_Day2_066 CollegeFest_Day2_065
CollegeFest_Day2_063 CollegeFest_Day2_061 CollegeFest_Day2_060

We took the T there and back. On the way back I took video. That is only for me and my new PayPerPost friends. I will not be sharing that one.

As far as the weekend goes this was fantastic. I could not have had a better time at all. The students we fun. Some of the entertainers were great, some not to my liking but that is okay.

I made contacts with a bunch of companies and hope I helped stir up some PayPerPost advertiser interest. I also got to work my photography skills. There were many great subjects to photograph.

I like to think that I made some lasting impressions on the team from PayPerPost. The certainly made good impressions on me. Meeting people in real life means a lot. It is easy to think of people online as not real because of the nature of the anonymity of the online world. It was great to spend time with real people working at a job they truly believe in. I wish PayPerPost much success in the years to come and intend to keep blogging for them as often as possible. I will value the time spent at CollegeFest 2007 as a great experience and look forward to working with PayPerPost on anything like that in the future if they will have me back.

PostieCon is coming up soon. If you aren’t going that is too bad because after meeting the Marketing team I am looking forward to meeting everyone else at PayPerPost.

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10 Responses to “CollegeFest 2007 – That’s a Wrap!”

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve been reading all your posts and it sounds like you had a blast! By picking you, they also got a great photographer out of it. I can’ wait to see how many pictures you take at PostieCon.

  2. Drew says:

    As long as all things go according to plan with the baby we should be in good shape for me to go to PostieCon. And I am sure that there will be a ton of photos from that event. 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    I saw your photos on flickr- they’re great! I only wish there were some of We Are the Fury; they were a real highlight for me and are quite fun photographic subjects.

    Glad you had a good time at Collegefest!

  4. Drew says:

    Hi Kate,
    I would have liked to have gotten some pictures of them too, it was more difficult than I thought to be in two places at once. But I learned a lot about covering an event like that and probably should have blogged at night and taken photos each day. I will have to check out the myspace for that band.I bet I would have liked them.

  5. Pips says:

    This is an interesting blog. I´m here for the second time and find every day new interesting details.

  6. Drew says:

    Thanks Pips, I post each and every day and I respond to all of my comments. I just passed 3000 comments on this blog too. Welcome and glad you are poking around and finding the place interesting.

  7. Mark says:

    How did CollegeFest get started? One more question… how easy, in your opinion, would it be to replicate and improve the CollegeFest concept?


  8. Drew says:

    That is an interesting question, one I am no authority to answer however. I think you can read about the history of CollegeFest at the website. Improving upon it… I found it to be a great event for college kids. The giveaways were incredible and the booths were geared towards college students. It was all done very well.

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