Coloring Break

Photo-A-Day #1970

Taking a Little Commentary Posting Break. Here is why.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 29, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/13sec
Aperture: 5.6
Focal Length: 92mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture w/AF
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

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7 thoughts on “Coloring Break”

  1. It is so beautifully colored. you got some really nice sense of color coordination and a knowledge of mixing different shades and hues of a single color.

  2. Nice coloring job! There is nothing more relaxing then sitting and coloring with your children. It is one of my favorite things to do.

  3. I agree with Deborah. I went to a friend’s house last year for Thanksgiving and her niece LOVES to color. She and I colored for hours and the “grown ups” kept apologizing because it seemed like I was babysitting and not able to relax. I told them straight out that it was probably one of the most relaxing moments I’d had in a long time. It’s fun to express yourself, it’s fun to play with the little peeps, and it’s a good way to let go of the “grown up” in you and be a kid again. Sometimes you just have to get your Crayola on:)

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