Today I got to demonstrate Blood Bank and Pathology at a hospital in LA. It was surreal. I am going to become the master of the 20 minute Blood Bank demo. Because that is just what I had to do again today. It was crazy. Peter started off the morning and did LIS, Lab and Micro and the lab director was like, “What else you got.” And Peter told him that we had BBK and PTH to do. He then said he had to go to his office to see if there was something that he needed to get done. So we though that he was going to check his schedule and come back. One hour later he blew in with a pathologist in tow and we were off and running. I did pathology first and then it was 3:41PM and the director asked what was left and I said blood bank. He asked if we could be done by 4:00. I said 4:00, sure thing. And I buzzed right through the BBK demo, hitting the highlights and squealing the tires round the corners. It was very interesting.

After we were finished the group headed to Hermosa Beach to Sharkeez for a couple of brews and some food. Uncle Jim swung by and picked me up for the Comedy & Magic Club show. It was a great night of comedy. The headliner was Gabriel Iglesias. He has his own website called But before Gabriel came onstage we got to see the host S. Muhammad (I think it was his name.) He got the crowd warmed up and was a big hit. Then on came Felipe Esparaza. His website is . Everybody that night was very funny. After the show the guys let Jim and I take some pictures with them. Here are some pictures. Gabriel has some amazing talent with his voice, he can do so many impressions. And he was so genuine and happy to hear feedback about the show. You should catch his special on Comedy Central.

Me, S. Mohammed and Jim

Me and Felipe

Jim and Gabriel

Me and Gabriel in front of his orange H2 Hummer.

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  1. corporate comedy magicians says:

    Though two years have passed, I have to ask. Did you see any magic?

  2. Drew says:

    I think there may have been one comedian who did magic, or that may be from a previous visit to the place. I’ve been there twice.

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