Comedy Is what we need…

I’m sick of Reality TV. However, the show I can’t miss is the Last Comic Standing. And it isn’t even the “reality” TV part that I enjoy anyway. I’ve always loved watching comedians. When I was younger and HBO was just invented (man I feel old) and for some reason we had it for free for about 4 years in the 80’s there were many comedy specials.

My two favorite ones were Robin Williams Live at the Met and Bill Cosby Himself, I didn’t get to see Eddie Murphy Raw or Delirious till I was well into High School. These are classic comedy specials that were so funny to watch over and over because the material was truly funny. I think we need more funny shows today.

And Today, Thursday July 29th premieres a brand new show called Blue Collar TV (on the WB at 8:00pm 1/2 hour show) and tonight we find who made it though the wildcard set on Last Comic Standing (If it is Ant I’m going to scream!)

I think we need more comedy in our lives. The news is so depressing and we need to find a way to laugh, even if it is for a 1/2 hour break in the misery. I’m adding a section of links to the sidebar for Comedian’s web pages. These are comedians that I’ve seen live or on TV. Support a comedy club. There are many in Boston and Providence.  I went a little crazy with the links. I found 39 comedians websites that I linked to. If you have a favorite comedian that I haven’t added please let me know and I’ll find their website to add to the links.

(Disclaimer: some comedians have material that may not be suitable, suitable for whom, you decide.)

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