I went to my local comic book shop WildTime Comics on Wednesday to pick up my subscription. I ended up with a huge stack of comics, because I hadn’t been in a while. I had gotten down to just collecting Transformers and G.I. Joe but now that Wildstorm is relaunching their comics I decided to give them a try as well. I have only read the Transformer and G.I. Joe comics so far and so haven’t really been able to say much about the wildstorm stuff but I will eventually read that too.

Today has been a quiet day, Allison and I went and picked out two sample colors of paint for the bedroom. We got a green and a yellow. Don’t ask me to remember the names because I don’t and they really don’t matter because the paints are green and yellow. I am anxious to put them on the wall and see which ones we like. Maybe tomorrow.

we finally watched Thursday’s CSI. There was a Transformers reference thus making Greg my favorite character ever.

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