Comics: Transformer’s Movie Prequels

I just finished reading issue #4 of the Transformer’s Movie Prequels. I like the set up of this 4 issue series. And I am of course very excited about seeing the movie on June 28th. There is so much Transformer’s Information out there right now. Apparently there are a couple versions of the ‘final’ trailer, there is a different one for Shrek than there is for Pirates 3.

But as far as the movie prequel books are concerned we learn a lot about the history of why the Transformers are on Earth. We learn many things about the Witwicky family history and how they are tied closely to the Transformers.

After reading these books I have an even better feeling about this movie. I am getting sick of the naysayers who are complaining about the robot designs and how they don’t look G1 (That is Generation one the toys from 1984 which is the bible for TF fundamentalists). I’m sick of people saying that there are too many humans in the movie and in the comic books. Look, humans played a role in almost every episode of the Transformers cartoon and comic book. They are essential to the story.

And for the love of Primus (creator of the Transformers) stop with the whining about Flames on Prime and the fact that he is a long nosed truck as opposed to a flat nosed Mack truck. And yes Bumblebee is a Camaro, so what. You are going to see that Bumblebee’s essence, that which made him so tied to the humans is going to be retained. And it doesn’t matter that he is not a VW bug, it simple doesn’t matter. This movie is going to be awesome and hopefully that will shut down the naysayers for a while, till Transformers II comes out. But I doubt it.

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